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“All our cocktails are prepared with daily fresh ingredients and mineral free ice.”

Special made cocktail of the day 13

Choose by our mixologist based on weather or event.

Pina Colada 13,50: 1 L jar 39€

Kamea orgasm: 17

mamajuana shot, apple jus, Diplomatico Rhum, passion jus, vermouth, fresh lime jus, sugar cane and angostura bitters.

Dark & stormy: 12

Kraken Rhum, lime, angostura bitters, ginger beer.

Mai Thai Kamea: 11

Agricole Rhum, Cointreau, Fresh pine apple jus, lime jus and orgeat syrup.

Bombaycus Kamea: 13

Bombay Sapphire gin, hibiscus, lime jus and Maraschino liquor.

Negroni: 11,9

Bombay sapphire gin, vermouth, Campari

Gin fizz: 12

Caney Rhum, lime, sugar cane, sparkling water, and white egg.

Blue lagoon: 13,5

Curacao blue, Cointreau, gin, lime jus and sugar cane.

Pink Lady: 12

Fresh strawberry jus, grenadine sirop, lime jus and gin.

Basil smash: 13,5

Fresh basilic leaves, lime jus, sugar cane, Gin and Maraschino liquor.

Ti punch: 11

Agricole Rhum, lime and sugar.

Sex on the beach:12,9

Peach schnapps, cranberries, orange jus & Vodka.

Old Fashion: 11

Jim Beam bourbon, brown sugar, orange zest and angostura bitters.

Kamea’s New Fashioned: 13,9

berry’s, lime, Jack Daniels and ginger beer.

Bloody Mary: 12

Tomato jus, Tabasco, lemon, Worchester sauce and vodka.12

Expresso Martini:13,9

Coffee liquor, espresso coffee, Cointreau and vodka

Cuba Kamea: 13,5€

Brugal extra Viejo, fresh lime jus, and coke

Long island ice tea 15€

Cosmopolitan: 12,9

Cranberry Jus, lime jus, vodka and Cointreau

Margarita classic: 12€

Margarita 1L Jar 32€

Tequila Jose Cuervo, lime jus, sugar cane Cointreau

Frozen Margarita. 13,5€ 1L Jar 36€

Tequila sunrise: 11

Tequila Jose cuervo, orange jus and grenadine sirop.

Lazy Red : 13,9

Vodka, strawberry jus, violette sirop, lime jus & Maraschino.

                Kamea’s Mojitos:                   

Classic 11€

Strawberry 13€

Passion 13,5€

Mojito Mango 13,5€

Mojito Royal 14,5€


Strawberry 12€

Passion 12,5€

Lime 12€

Our Sours:

Amaretto sour 12€

Pisco: Peruvian pisco acholado,12,5€

Bourbon 12,5€

Gin Tanqueray 12,5€

(Lime, sugar cane, egg white and angostura bitters)12,5€

Our Mules:

Moscow mule,12,5€

London (gin) mule 12,5€

Maya mule 12,5€

Jamaïcain (run) mule 12,5€


Gordons 5,90€

Bombay Saphire 6,90€

Tanqueray 6,70€

Rangpur 6,80€

Tanqueray 10, 8,50€

Bulldog 7,90€

Aviation 8,90€

Monkey 47, 8,90€

Panda 9,50€

PJ Raspberry 8,20€

Saffron 7,90€

Ophir 7,90€

Havn Antwerp 7,20€

Hendricks 8,70 €

Gin Mare 7,90€

Nordes 7,50€

Marula 7,30€

Copper 8,50€

Engine 8,30€

Filliers 8,50€

Kameas signature Gin choices

Our signatures are prepared based on a study made by our mixologist mixing the best condiments, fruits, herves and tonic water to fully enjoy the Gin.

Aviation:  16

Premium Lavender tonic, Cardamon and dry orange.

Monkey 47:  15

Blue berries, dry orange zest, liquorice stick and premium lavender tonic.

Bulldog: 16

Lychee, grapefruit and lemon zest, with lavender premium tonic.

Bombay Sapphire: 14

Lime zest, liquorice stick, juniper berry and Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic.

Tanqueray Rangpur: 15

Lime zest, mint leaves, liquorice stick and Fever Tree Indian tonic.

Panda Kamea: 16

Strawberries, star anise, orange zest and Fever Tree Elderflower.

PJ Raspberry: 16

Strawberry, mint leaves and Fever Tree Mediterranean.

Saffron: 16

Thyme, dry lemon zest and premium pink pepper tonic.

Opihr: 16

Ginger, zest of dry orange, Cardamon and premium Indian tonic.

Havn Antwerp: 16

Dry lime zest, raspberry, star anise and Mediterranean Fever Tree.

Hendrik’s: 16

Fresh cucumber, basilic and thyme served with Mediterranean Fever Tree

Gin Mare: 15,5

Rosemary, cardamon and fresh basilic leaves, served with Fever Tree Mediterranean

Nordes: 16

Raspberry, rhubarb, orange zest, thyme, star anis and Fever Tree

Marula : 16

Groseilles, Méditerranéen Fever Tree, cardamone, basilic leaves and lime zest

Copper: 15,5

Cardamon, orange zest, thyme, premium hibiscus


Mamajuana 5

Baby Guinness: 7

Tia maria and baileys cream.

Jägermeister 5

B52: 8

Coffee liquor, Irish cream and cognac

Cucaracha: 7

Tequila and coffee liquor

Limoncello 5€

Brain Hermorrhage 7€

Mock cocktails 7€

Ice tea kamea:                                                         Ginger Kamea:

hibiscus, peach sirop, fresh lime jus                            Lime jus and fresh ginger.

Tamarindo Kamea: Sugar cane, tamarind jus, and orgeat sirop

Beers on Tab

Jupiler:  50cl, 33cl, 25cl               5,80€/3,80€/3,20€

Stella Artois:  50cl, 33cl, 25cl      5,90€/3,90€/3,30€

Hoegaarden:  50cl, 33cl, 25cl     4,00€/4,90€/6,90€

Leffe Blond:   33cl, 50cl               5,50€/7,50€

Karmeliet Tripel:  33cl, 50cl         5,70€/7,50€

Goose Island:  33cl, 50cl             6,20€/7,50€


Chimay Bleu: 5,50€

Leffe Brune: 5,50€

Duvel: 5,50€

Bellevue Kriek: 4,50€

Hoegaarden rosé: 4,90€

Corona: 5,00€

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